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How to find somewhere to live in London – 5 tips

Moving to London can be so overwhelming. It’s a huge place and there are so many different neighbourhoods. Whether you’re a student or moving to London for work, there’s a lot to think about. One of the main things you’ll be thinking about is…

October 23, 2019
how to make friends in london
Advice London

How to make friends in London

Here is my guide on how to meet people and make friends in London. I’ve lived in London for about eight years now, and when I arrived I did not know anyone. Now I have built up a good group of friends, and this…

June 9, 2019
tips to start exercise and get fit
Advice Fitness

How to start exercising – 5 tips

I started exercising about four years ago. I started from near bottom. I was a decent enough swimmer and used to participate in team sports when I was younger, but doing anything remotely althetic in my adult years made me feel really self-conscious. Now…

June 5, 2019