How it began

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May 2013

Meeting my boyfriend, T. We were going to go to the pub and he was going to stay round mine in my new house share in London. We had been together for just over two years and I lived with him for a bit before starting a new marketing job in Canary Wharf. Things were going well, even though I was now sharing with people who didn’t know how to flush a toilet.

He came over and was a bit snappy. He can sometimes be like that if he has things on his mind. He asks if we can talk and we sit on my bed. He immediately bursts into tears.

Shit. Is one of his family members ill?

“I’m breaking up with you”.

We were never unhappy. I ask why and he gives a response about how I would not make him happy in the future.

He gets up and turns to leave. Advising me to call a friend. A final blow that he still thinks he can advise me in my life.

Once I hear the front door click closed I cry. It’s like a safety net has been pulled from under me. All the people I knew have suddenly disappeared from my life.

Then I go to Tesco to buy a KitKat.

I was looking forward to going to the pub that evening.


Sarah. Almost 30. Craft beer drinker. South London resider. I like photography, boxing and visiting all of London's markets.

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