Bleach London Swamp Spritz

March 25, 2019

I think Bleach London has to be one of the coolest brands on the high street right now, I mean just look at that packaging!

I picked up Bleach London Swamp Spritz from Boots a little while ago, although I am not sure if you can pick it up from there any more. Although it is available on Cult Beauty.

For 6 pounds and 200ml of product it is a steal. For information purposes – I have lots of hair and medium strands. It’s wavy and just above my shoulders. If I spray too much of this on it does make my hair feel sticky, which isn’t great, and I think for those with finer hair it could weigh it down a bit. You just have to be careful with how much you use.

It smells just like salty water, no frills. No coconut or whatever else they use in the more expensive types of sea salt spray. Still, it works well and I don’t mind the lack of complex scent as long as the product works. It is not drying for a sea salt spray, and is vegan.

Would I buy again ? Probably not. I like a more drying sea salt spray that gives more texture. But it’s good for those who want beachy waves but also need a little more moisture.

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