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Hi there, my name’s Sarah. I’m a 30-something living in London. Trying to navigate the streets of the south east whilst picking up a few nuggets of wisdom along the way. Here you will find my ramblings on fitness, London, beauty and books.

By day I work full time in marketing. In my free time I like trying various gym classes, exploring markets, craft beer and relaxing with a good book in a cosy coffee store. Come and say hi!

10 Facts About Me:

1 – I love 50 Cent, Biggie Smalls and Skee-Lo. Aside from old school hip hop, I narrate my life through synthpop and Brit pop.

2 – If I’m out it’s a beer please – preferably some sort of pale ale.

3 – I live in south London but I’m not a native Londoner – I still like to thank bus drivers when I get off the bus!

4 – I love nothing more than sitting in a coffee shop with a good book on a Sunday afternoon.

5 – I’m a gym convert – having gone for about 3 years now. You’ll find me lifting weights, running and boxing.

6 – I’m hopelessly unlucky

7 – I give blood and am on the organ donor list.

8 – I’m the least coordinated person there is.

9 – I’ve been blogging for about 9 years now on various websites before this.

10 – I have a fair few potted plants and I’ll document my journey into growing them and looking after them better. I used to be hopeless but I’ve kept some alive for more than eight months now.

On my blog you will find my beauty ramblings, photos from my time exploring London, book reviews and various thoughts relating to health with the odd recipe thrown in. I’ll also share my progress with looking after my plants!

Oomph London is a London-based personal blog and I’ll share places I have eaten in London, local markets and tips and tricks if you are looking to move to London. These include how to make friends in London and how to find a place to live in London. My blog has been featured on Feedspot as a Top 75 London Blog.

I also share make up and beauty reviews.

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