MAC Blushbaby Review

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MAC Blushbaby blush

I bought MAC Blushbaby a little while ago now so it is well overdue a review.

MAC Blushbaby is listed on MAC’s website has being a beige-pink, which I think is a good description. It’s a warm-toned blush but I still think cool skintones would be able to pull it off as it is not too warm, it just has an absence of any blue or purple notes. What I am saying in a rather roundabout way is that it is just slightly warm-of-neutral. I feel like the colour is universally flattering.

It’s a Sheertone blush which means that the pigment is slight (although those with fairer skin may find it shows up more easily), but it is buildable without looking cakey. The benefit of it applying sheer is that the powder disperses nicely for a natural look and it is almost impossible to be heavy-handed. I actually found the MAC website quite difficult to navigate in terms of the powder blush types. Apparently there are five types of MAC powder blushers, but I would never have known which colour belonged to which category unless I went to the shop. It is just something to bear in mind if you are planning on buying from their website.

MAC Blushbaby Sheertone Blush Swatch
MAC Blushbaby Sheertone Blush Swatch #1

It is a matte blush which helps keep things looking natural, however if you want a more dewy glow you might want to consider adding some highlighter. It doesn’t seem to highlight any pores or skin imperfections.

MAC Blushbaby lasts about eight hours on the cheeks before I notice any fading. The long-lasting natural of the blush and universally flattering colour makes it an ideal choice for those wanting a natural zero-fuss every day blush.

MAC Blushbaby Sheertone Powder Blush Swatch
MAC Blushbaby Sheertone Powder Blush Swatch #2

MAC Blushbaby Sheertone Powder Blush is hardly cheap at £19.50 for 6g of product. As I am fair-skinned, I don’t need to use much product to get it to show up. But those with darker skin tones might need to use more and then it might not be as cost-effective. It does last a long time on the cheeks though so you won’t need to worry about reapplying it.

Have you ever tried MAC Blushbaby or any other MAC blushers?


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