Caudalie Parfum Divin Review

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Caudalie Parfum Divin De Caudalie

I bought Caudalie’s Divine Oil a long time ago, and shortly after they realised the Parfum Divin – a perfume version of the oil. The Parfum Divin was inspired by Caudalie’s Divine Oil. Caudalie’s Parfum Divin retails for £39 for 50ml, which I think is reasonable.

Caudalie’s Parfum Divin comes in a cylinder-shaped bottle with a wooden lid. The glass has a sort of metallic gradient design, and the wooden lid is a nice unique touch. I think it perfectly reflects the woody scents of the perfume. It wouldn’t look out of place at a spa.

One think I loved about Caudalie’s Divine Oil was that the scent was rich and luxurious, but also soft. The scent included fresh notes of Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, grapefruit, vanilla, and a subtle floral undertone. As a multi-purpose oil, its consistency was non-greasy and it absorbed easily into the skin, hair and nails.

Caudalie Parfum Divin Notes:

The perfume version – Caudalie Parfum Divin, did try to replicate the fragrance somewhat. The notes are as follows:

Top notes: grapefruit, pink peppercorn, white peach Middle notes: violet, jasmine, Moroccan rose essence, Bulgarian rose absolute Base notes: vanilla, Virginian cedar, musk

I didn’t really get many of the grapefruit, violet or rose notes coming through. On me it came off as a slightly sweet, woody scent. When I first sprayed the perfume, it smelt a little sharper than the Divine Oil. On dry-down it becomes a little softer though, and emulates the Divine Oil well enough. It’s a scent that stays close to the skin and wear-time is good. I can still smell it on my clothes at the end of the day.

All in all I really like the scent. At first I was disappointed it was not exactly like the oil, but it’s an excellent replica and ideal for someone who wants a comforting woody scent. It’d be ideal for wearing during the winter.

It is worth noting, as with most Caudalie products, it includes no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils or animal-derived ingredients. So it is suitable for those who have a vegan lifestyle or whose skin can get irritated by mineral oils or other ingredients.

Have you ever tried Caudalie’s Parfum Divin?


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