French Connection & Outfit Photo Fails

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I’ve been wanting to take some outfit photos for the blog for a little while now. Not because I’m some sort of fashion guru or anything (I’m definitely not), but just to get a few more photos of my face on the blog. I bought a tripod and a remote and everything but I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of taking a photo which isn’t blurry or featuring me with a gormless expression and my mouth hanging open.

I think one of the things that makes blogging so fantastic as opposed to visiting a brand website is that you get to know the person behind the blog. You form connections which you can’t do with a rather anonymous brand, you know?

I guess I could also take photos of myself pottering around my house or sitting on my bed reading a book for my book review posts, but I still need to work on feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Questions around taking outfit photos / photos of yourself without a helper and with a tripod and remote

Do you have any tips to share with regards to taking outfit photos? Or feeling comfortable in front of the camera in general? Being self conscious is something I really struggle with, and pointing a camera at myself amplifies that tenfold. As soon as the orange light comes on I find myself tensing up and pulling strange facial expressions and poses.

Is it just something I have to plug away at to get used to? With regards to taking your own outfit photos, do you set the tripod waist height and point the camera upwards slightly, or do you set it higher up and point downwards? How far away should you have the tripod? Should you have it closer and zoom out or set the tripod further away? I’m quite tall (like 5’10 or 178cm) so do I need to put the tripod on some books or something? Do you use autofocus or add something as a place marker and manually focus? Should you place the tripod in front of a light source or have the light come in from the side? SO many questions!

At the moment I have to move things around in my room to place the tripod far away enough which is a bit of a hassle. I’m still trying to figure out the logistics and whether there is a better outfit taking spot!

Weekend Outfit Details

Anyway, the above is a typical weekend outfit for me. It’s comfortable but I think the ripped jeans adds bit of something-something. They’re the ASOS Ridley High Waisted Jeans and I love that they’re a thick material and high waisted. I always end up sticking my heel in the rips though and making them bigger!

My jumper is from French Connection but I found it on ASOS. They don’t have it in navy blue any more as it was in the sale but they have the blush pink which I think is just as nice. I really like the neckline as it cuts a little wider than a generic crew neck and looks rather elegant. It’s a textured knit that’s not too thick and is slightly oversized and cropped so it looks good tucked into jeans or left untucked. My necklace is a coin pendant by ASOS which keeps things simple and matched my other jewellery.

Do you have any advice on taking outfit photos or how to feel comfortable in front of the camera?


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