MAC Please Me Lipstick Review

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MAC Please Me Lipstick

MAC Please Me Lipstick £17.50 3g

MAC Please Me Lipstick is a warm-toned mid pink. It’s in a matte finish so it lasts long on the lips and has minimal shine, although I do not find it drying or uncomfortable to wear as it has a creamier consistency compared to other MAC matte lipsticks. It has the signature vanilla scent which is present in all other MAC lipsticks, although it’s not overwhelming so I think it’d still be suitable for those with a sensitivity to certain smells.

As with all MAC lipsticks, Please Me comes in a sleek looking black bullet shaped tube. It’s compact and I carry it around in my handbag with minimal damage. It’s functional and keeps the lipstick in good condition. I’ve owned a lot of MAC lipsticks and never has the packaging failed me.

MAC Please Me Lipstick

MAC Please Me is highly pigmented and you can achieve full coverage in one or two swipes. It lasts around 4 hours before fading, and fades evenly.

Originally I was looking for a matte everyday nude lipstick which wasn’t too light, and that’s why I picked up MAC Please Me. When I tried it on however, I realised it was not really a nude lipstick at all. It’s a bit too dark and a bit too pink. It’s definitely noticeable and looks like you’re wearing lipstick, rather than just subtly enhancing the lips.

MAC Please Me Lipstick Swatch

Overall I do like MAC Please Me lipstick. It’s comfortable to wear and a pretty colour. It’s suitable for people who want to wear a lipstick that stands out but isn’t too statement.

MAC Please Me on LIps

Here is a picture of me wearing MAC Please Me so you can see what it looks like on the lips.

What do you think of MAC Please Me? Is it a lipstick you would ever wear?

I published a post explaining the differences between MAC’s lipstick finishes if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed!

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