Cambridge – The Backs and Other Recommended Spots From a Cambridge Native

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Trinity Bridge The Backs Cambridge

Hello, my name’s Sarah and I am a Cambridge native. Cambridge is my home town and I love going back there. Especially in the summer. There is nothing more glorious than sitting on the grass by the river in the sun, reading a good book with a coffee or bottle of beer and watching people punt by.

The Backs is the area behind the Colleges. It is very picturesque and has lots of green spaces (some are College grounds) and the River Cam running through it. The Cambridge Backs are free to access and you can view the exteriors of the colleges and the greens in front of them, although to enter inside the colleges you will have to pay unless you can prove you are a Cambridge resident.

Clare Bridge Cambridge The Cambridge Backs

The above picture is of Clare Bridge in Cambridge. Isn’t it so picturesque? People gracefully punting past makes it so tranquil too. The person sitting on the wall beside the river Cam is just so Cambridge. I’ve only been punting once but it is a great way to see the city if you choose to go on a warm day. You can even bring wine and beer onto the punt if you want to.

The Backs Cambridge

Even if you don’t choose to punt, sitting down on the green by the river in The Backs in Cambridge is a perfect way to spend a few hours at the weekend. You will really feel refreshed afterwards. It’s an absolutely beautiful area, and in 1995, English Heritage listed The Backs as a Grade I Historic Park.

Other Cambridge Landmarks and Offbeat Things to Do

King's College Chapel

If you walk away from the River Cam towards Queen’s Street, and then walk along Queen’s Street, you are finally greeted with this view. I personally think King’s College Chapel is magnificent. It’s so synonymous with Cambridge.

All Saints Garden Cambridge

As an aside, on Trinity Street you will find All Saints Garden (pictured). In 2018 it won the Best Small or Speciality Market accolade. You will find market traders selling jewellery and other craft items here. It’s only open on a Saturday between 10am – 4pm, and it is just a short walk from The Cambridge Backs. If you have a spare minute to visit, I would definitely recommend it.

Mathematical Bridge Cambridge

I don’t think any post about Cambridge is complete without mentioning more of its landmarks. The above is known as the Mathematical Bridge, and is self supporting as radial members tie the tangents together.

Explore Cambridge by Punt

Definitely the best way to get around…

River Cam punt boat scudamore's Mill Lane hire point

Punting is one of the best ways to explore Cambridge, and The Backs. You can hire a Punt from Scudamore’s and you can either choose to steer it yourself or hire a tour guide! They can be hired from the Mill Lane hire point (above) or the Quayside hire point (below).

Scudamore's Quayside Hire Station
Cambridge punt boat Scudamore's Quayside

Where to go for Pastries, Cakes and Sweet Treats:

Fitzbillies – Cambridge: 51-52 Trumpington St and 36 Bridge Street.

Fitzbillies Cambridge Trumpington St

No trip to Cambridge is complete without going to Fitzbillies to try their famous Chelsea Buns. They’re so decadent and delicious, and something you can’t recreate at home as the recipe is top secret!

Have you ever visited Cambridge, or The Backs in Cambridge?


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