Week 7 – Couch to 5K – My Experience

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I’m back to report on how I found Week 7 of Couch to 5K!

I started the Couch to 5K app way back at the end of April, and posted about the first three weeks in mid-May. Since then, it has been quite a journey. I remember on Week 1 there were nine one-minute running intervals, and I wondered how I got through them. Now I’ve finished Week 7 which comprised three 25-minute runs! I’m actually quite proud of myself. I’m also pleased for anyone else who has tried out the Couch to 5K app. I think it takes a lot to actually go out there and run, especially starting from Week 1 if running is completely new to you. It takes some dedication to stick to the app. It’s so much easier to put it off, or find an excuse not to go out there and do it.

Couch to 5K Week 7

I’m not going to post all the runs from Week 7 as it differs from previous weeks. During previous weeks, each run was different. In Week 7, each run is the same and there are no more walk-run intervals. I’m a bit conflicted on how I found running for the same amount of time for three runs of Week 7. On the one hand, it’s quite confidence boosting and helped put me in the mindset that I can do it. Once I conquered Run 1, during Run 2 I told myself I had done it before so I could do it again. It helped shift my mindset and I liked knowing what to expect. On the other hand, running for the same amount of time with no interval felt a bit monotonous. Having said that, I do get bored easily and it is only three runs!

I’ve begun to crave the sense of achievement I get when I complete each run. It’s a great feeling and especially in lockdown when I am not as productive, if I’ve been for a run it boosts my mood for the day.

Three Reasons Why it is Important to Keep Hydrated Whilst Running

I remember mentioning in Week 4 and Week 5 I was suffering with hip pain, heavy legs and feeling dizzy / headachy from the heat. I’m the first to admit that I’ve not been keeping as hydrated as I should have been. At work I have a water bottle and I filled it up in the morning and then again at lunch. Since working from home I have a coffee in the morning and maybe a herbal tea at night, but I’ve only been motivated to drink water when I’m really thirsty.

What I didn’t know was that dehydration does not just cause headaches, but it can negatively affect performance and even recovery. That’s because sweat reduces blood volume. When the heart can’t pump as much blood around your body, less oxygen-rich blood gets to your muscles. It also slows protein synthesis that rebuilds muscle. So keeping hydrated had more benefits than just keeping away dry mouth and headaches.

waterdrop® – A Review


waterdrop® recently got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to sample some of their Microdrinks. I accepted because it coincided with my Couch to 5K challenge and I wanted to up my fluid intake.

Each Microdrink is made from fruit and plant extracts and contains vitamins. They are sugar-free and instead are sweetened by Sucralose. Each box has twelve servings and at £6.99 a box this works out at 58p a drink. One serving should be dissolved into 400ml – 600ml of water. It’s a healthier and less expensive alternative to a can of coke! I received four flavours, although Nero was limited edition and slightly more expensive. The flavours I got were:

waterdrop® Microdrinks

Relax: Hibiscus | Aronia | Acerola

Focus: Lime | Baobab | Acerola

Zen: Star Fruit | Lemon Grass | White Tea

Nero (Limited Edition): Kola Nut | Activated Charcoal | Guarana | Blackberry

waterdrop® Nero Microdrink

Each Microdrink promotes different benefits. Nero contains natural caffeine and can be an alternative to a coffee. Relax contains Vitamin B1, B7 and C which help maintain normal functioning of the nervous system. My favourite Microdrinks were Relax and Zen, but they were all enjoyable. They lightly flavour water and I found them more refreshing than fruit juice.

I also received the Edition Bottle which comes with a thermal carry sleeve. Although it is glass, I feel like the sleeve adds a little protection if you want to carry it around in a handbag. The waterdrop® Bottles are some of the most beautiful I’ve come across, and I much prefer drinking from a glass bottle rather than steel or plastic as it does not retain the flavour from a previous drink.

Although I was gifted the waterdrop® Bottle and Microdrinks, I’m definitely going to buy more with my own money once I get paid again. They have a store in Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush so when things subside more with Coronavirus I will test their new flavours.

I’ve never been one for juice or fizzy drinks, and waterdrop® have made consuming water so much more enjoyable. I’ve fully incorporated them in my routine and I feel so much better for it. Plus, I’ve not been getting any muscle pains on my runs!

How do you usually keep hydrated?

*waterdrop® Microdrinks and Bottle were gifted.


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