The Breakfast Club – London Bridge Review

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The Breakfast Club London Bridge

Hey, have you ever been to The Breakfast Club at London Bridge?

Sometimes I just love having breakfast or brunch with friends, you know? I’m definitely a morning person compared to a night owl. Not to the extreme, but you won’t see me out past midnight – even at the weekend, and I’ll be up before 8am even on a Sunday.

This makes brunch the perfect time to meet up with friends. I can get up and have a leisurely morning and meet them at about 10am ish for some goooood food. I live in Bermondsey so The Breakfast Club at London Bridge is a good shout as it’s not too far away.

It does take a while to get a seat in The Breakfast Club at London Bridge. Honestly, if it’s raining outside I usually give it a miss as the queue is outside the place and you’re open to all the elements. Plus it can take up to an hour to get seated so it’s not one for people with tight schedules. You can book online but you have to do it in advance so it’s not for spontaneous meet ups. The Breakfast Club in Canary Wharf is newer and a bit quieter though, you can get seated straight away there if you’re short on time but really want to experience it.

The Breakfast Club London Bridge Interior

I love the interior of the Breakfast Club at London Bridge. It has quirky Pat Butcher memorabilia and a pink ceiling. It’s pretty quirky and has some American touches with the booths and the flooring. Some of the food served is American-inspired too. The playlist inside is 90s – 00s inspired. Think NSYNC and the Spice Girls.

As it gets so busy, the atmosphere is bustling and it is quite noisy. It’s definitely not a place to go if you want to read the paper with a quiet coffee. It’s more a place to go if you want a good laugh and chat with your girl friends without worrying that people can overhear everything you are saying.

Despite being called The Breakfast Club, it is open all day and serves lunch and dinner too. The breakfast menu is served unitl 12pm and includes breakfast sandwiches, full English breakfasts, pancakes and waffles and porridge. There is something for everyone! Lunch serves similar dishes along with burgers, steak and salads.

Food is served relatively quickly considering it is usually busy. Everything is served hot and the staff are generally attentive.

The Breakfast Club London Bridge food

I ordered the Eggs Royale with smoked salmon, and my friends ordered The Full Monty and Reggie the Veggie. The food portions are decent, it’s tasty and it really hits the spot. Everything tasted really fresh and the eggs were cooked exactly how I like them – soft boiled so the yolk drenches the muffin! The coffee is nice too and I love the missmatched crockery it is served in.

At £10.50 for the Eggs Royale, it isn’t cheap. But it’s good for a one-off treat if you want to eat decent food in an interesting environment.

Have you ever been to The Breakfast Club in London Bridge? Do you ever go out for brunch with your girl friends or are you more of a late night party animal?


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