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I live in Bermondsey and I love craft beer. I’ve done the Bermondsey Beer Mile quite a few times now (although not all in one go), so I thought I’d give you some little tips if you’re thinking of doing it.

If you don’t have time to read my full post, download my free Bermondsey Beer Mile Guide to keep with you for later.

What is the Bermondsey Beer Mile?

For the uninitiated, the Bermondsey Beer Mile is a collection of 16 individual taprooms and working breweries that sell their beer on site. They’re working breweries so don’t expect the comforts you’d find in a regular pub. Often seating is just composed of a few wooden benches and the toilets are portable.

What makes it unique is the sheer range of beers you can try. Ever had a honey beer? Or a Lemon & Thyme Saison? Sea Salt & Chilli Stout, anyone?

How to get to the Bermondsey Beer Mile

The Bermondsey Beer Mile is in Bermondsey. It starts at either Druid Street or Rotherhithe New Road. It’s just one long line (ish), so you can start at either end. The nearest station to the Druid Street end is London Bridge. Just keep heading east until you get to Tower Bridge Road, and it’s just across from there. The nearest station to the Rotherhithe New Road end is South Bermondsey (which is just a short train ride from London Bridge).

You can access my Bermondsey Beer Mile Map to see where the breweries are and the nearest transport links.

Bermondsey Beer Mile Guide – My Advice and Recommendations

The London Beer Factory - Barrel Project

Firstly, there are sixteen breweries in total. There are also a few wine bars and other pubs along the way. That is a lot. No way would I be able to drink 16 beers. Most breweries not only sell their beer in pints, but also in 1/3 pint, 1/2 pint and 2/3 pint measures. Having a 1/3 or 1/2 pint in each brewery is a wise decision if you want to visit them all. Alternatively you could visit the Beer Mile in sections. For example you could do the section along Druid Street one week, then the section along Enid Street another, and then the section along Almond Road, Raymouth Road and Rotherhithe New Road another day. If you break it up into sections you could enjoy your favourite breweries without having to keep an eye on the time.

All the breweries are open on a Saturday but not as many are open any other day. So if you want to visit them all, go on a Saturday either late morning or early afternoon.

Don’t go on an empty stomach. I’ll list the breweries that serve food, and also where you can get food nearby. But have a hearty breakfast and lunch before you go, too.

I recommend starting at the South Bermondsey side and working your way back west. There are fewer breweries on the South Bermondsey side and it’s less central and more residential. So I think it’s much better to navigate that part when you are not tipsy!

Bermondsey Beer Mile – Where to Start

As I mentioned above, I recommend starting at the South Bermondsey side. In my map the labels 1-5 are the breweries that are on the South Bermondsey side. You can see there is a bit of a gap between 5 and 6! I’ll quickly list the breweries.

I’ve made a map of all the breweries along the Beer Mile. Click to access my Bermondsey Beer Mile Map! Maybe you’d want to save it on your phone for later.

Bermondsey Beer Mile Breweries Near South Bermondsey

Affinity Brew Co

1. Fourpure Brewing Co.

Rotherhithe New Road, SE16 3LL. Open 12-8pm (Tue, Wed, and Sun), 12-10pm (Thu and Fri), and 11am – 8pm (Sat). 20 beer taps + hotdogs sold on site.

2. Partizan Brewery

34 Raymouth Road, SE16 2DB. Open 5 -11pm Fridays and 11am-8pm Saturdays. Try the Lemon & Thyme Saison for something unique.

3. EeBria

15 Almond Road, SE16 3LR. Open 5 – 9pm Fridays and 11am-8pm Saturdays. Bottled beer from over 450 breweries + arcade machine inside.

4. Spartan Brewing

8 Almond Road, SE16 3LR. Open 12-7pm on Saturdays only. Serves traditional style beers with a modern twist.

5. Affinity Brew Co

7 Almond Rd, SE16 3LR. Open 5-8:30pm (Friday), 12-8:30pm (Saturday), and 12-6pm (Sunday). Affinity Brew sell unpasteurised, can conditioned beer.

Bermondsey Beer Mile Breweries Near / On Enid Street

The Kernel Brewery

6. The Kernel Brewery

Arch 11, Dockley Road, SE16 3SF. Open 9am – 2pm on Saturdays only. One for pale ale fans.

7. Bianca Road Brew Co

83 Enid Street, SE16 3RA. Open 5-10:30pm (Thu and Fri), 11am-9pm (Sat), and 12-6pm (Sun). Good for west coast American beers. Try the Tropicali if you like fresh, citrus flavour beers.

8. Brew By Numbers

75 Enid Street, SE16 3RA. Open 5-10pm (Fri), 11-8pm (Sat), and 12-6pm (Sun). Each beer is numbered. The first number is the style, the second is recipe. I’ve had a gin and tonic style beer here before!

9. Cloudwater

73 Enid Street, SE16 3RA. Open 3-10pm (Wed to Fri, Sun) and 10am-10pm (Sat). 22 taps, bottles and cans.

10. London Calling Sweden

72 Enid Street, SE16 3RA. Open 3 -10:30pm (Wed to Fri), 12-10:30pm (Sat), and 12-8pm (Sun). Best decorated brewery and great pale ales.

11. Moor Beer

71 Enid Street, SE16 3RA. Open 4-10:30pm (Thu and Fri), 12-10:30pm (Sat), and 12-8pm (Sun). Huge range. Try the Forgotten Glory or Return of the Empire.

Bermondsey Beer Mile Breweries Near / On Druid Street

12. Anspach & Hobday

118 Druid Street, SE1 2HH. Open 5-10pm (Fri), 10:30am-10pm (Sat), and 1-6pm (Sun). 9 beers on tap. Try their sea salt & chilli stout for something unusual.

13. Hiver Beers

56 Stanworth Street, SE1 3NY. Open 11-6pm on Saturdays and 11-4pm on Sundays. All their beers are fermented with raw honey.

Hawkes Cidery + Taproom

14. Hawkes Cidery & Taproom

86-92 Druid Street, SE1 2HQ. Open 4-11pm (Wed-Fri), 11am-11pm (Sat), and 11am-6pm (Sun). No beer here. Just pure cider. From traditional apple to berry ciders. They also serve pizza for growling stomachs.

15. The Barrel Project

80 Druid Street, SE1 2HQ. Open 4-11pm (WedFri), 11am-11pm (Sat), and 12-7pm (Sun). 24 beers on tap and over 200 barrels. I’ve had one-of-a-kind orange IPAs here.

Southwark Brewing Co

16. Southwark Brewing Co.

46 Druid Street, SE1 2EZ. Open 7-10pm (Tue), 5-10pm (Thu and Fri), 11am-6pm (Sat), and 12-5pm (Sun). Small batch craft beers. Hoppy beers with low carbonation.

With regards to places to eat, these breweries and nearby pubs serve food. London Calling Sweden, Hawkes Cidery & Tap Room, Maltby Street Market, The Marquis of Wellington and Fourpure Brewing Co.

I’d also suggest Maltby Street Market, which you can go to for food between Hiver Beers, Hawkes Cidery & Taproom and The Barrel Project.

Bermondsey Beer Mile Guide – Free Download

If you want to save this information for later, download my Bermondsey Beer Mile Guide. I have some more in-depth maps and recommendations. Click the text link or picture to download.

Do you have anything like the Bermondsey Beer Mile in your area? Do you like craft beer?


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