The Best Spot to Watch the Sunset Over Tower Bridge, London

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Sun setting over Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is so iconic isn’t it? I feel like people often mistakenly refer to it as London Bridge because that sounds like it should be London’s landmark but if you’ve ever visited London Bridge it’s actually just a huge concrete monstrosity. It is nicer to cycle over though as it’s modern and wider. When cycling over Tower Bridge you have to manoeuvre your bike between the kerb and cars / lorries / busses and you literally have about two feet of room.

For a little while now I’ve been trying to find the best spot where I can watch the sunset over Tower Bridge. As the sun sets in the west, you can’t really be to the west of Tower Bridge as the sun will be behind you, and if you stay north of the river you can up close, but I think it’s much better to get the whole bridge in view. Unfortunately the way the Thames winds around, the further back you go on the north side of the river, the more obscured your view is.

I found the perfect spot and I’m going to share it with you. It’s been especially enjoyable visiting in lockdown. On sunny evenings I usually bring a bottle of beer, perch on the wall with a book and occasionally look up to the bridge illuminated in oranges and reds. It’s beautiful.

Places to See the Sunset Over Tower Bridge

I’ll let you in on a secret. The best place watch the sunset over Tower Bridge (and possibly the best place to watch the sunset anywhere in London) is by Bermondsey Beach. If you walk down the steps you actually do get to a little pebbly beach, but obviously it’s the Thames so you wouldn’t go in for a dip. You can get there by taking the Underground to Bermondsey or the Overground to Rotherhithe. It’s a really well-kept secret.

Sunset over Tower Bridge

The other place where you can appreciate Tower Bridge bathed in a warm sunset glow is King’s Stairs Gardens. Not only can you appreciate the fantastic views, but there’s also a little park and a playground in case you have a family and bring them with you too. I remember in my post about Southwark Park, I mentioned Ada Salter and her husband Alfred. There is actually a statue by the Gardens, so you can learn about them here too! If you get a bit chilly or fancy something to eat, there’s a pub called The Angel nearby – here’s their Twitter account!

Best Place to See Tower Bridge

Not only are these great places to watch the sunset over Tower Bridge, but they’re nice places to see Tower Bridge in general. They’re not too crowded and there is plenty of green space or benches to sit down on. There’s even the Angel pub if you get chilly.

Best Places to Photograph Tower Bridge

They’re also really excellent places to photograph Tower Bridge (although not sure if my photography does it justice). It’s not busy so you can set up your tripod without getting distracted, and you have space to move about to get the perfect shot. Also, depending on the angle you choose, you can get the Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Walkie Talkie building or the BT Tower into shot in the background.

Both places are by a street called Bermondsey Wall East. I made a little map called “Watch the Sunset Over Tower Bridge” so you can save it for later. Since lockdown, have you discovered any new areas to visit?


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