Brick Lane London Street Art

Brick Lane Street Art

I work near Brick Lane in east London and it’s famous for its street art. It features work from Banksy and Ben Eine and provides such a wonderful, colourful backdrop to the City. It’s such a contrast having Brick Lane on the edges of the City, with its colourful streets and vintage stores, beigel shops and curry houses.

Don’t expect the same polished tree-lined streets you see in west London around these parts. This is east London, a little shabby and rough around the edges, with plenty of character to pack a punch.

Brick Lane London Street Art

Often I walk through Brick Lane on my lunch hour to get some fresh air. On a Sunday a market is held which means that it’s jam-packed and there is barely room to walk let alone take pictures, but on a weekday afternoon it is not too busy and the only market is a twice-weekly fashion market in the Truman Brewery building.

Brick Lane London Street Art

The street art and graffiti is not confined to just Brick Lane, all the little side streets are decorated with it too. There’s a little bit of colour where ever you go in these parts.

The side streets are decorated in street art too!

Brick Lane London Street Art

It’s such a contrast to the City of London. You get so many students hanging around here which gives it a cool vibe – also tourists come as Shoreditch is close by, so they can all be done in a day. I’d say Brick Lane is definitely a bit more “gritty” though.

Brick Lane Street Art

This one is one of my favourites. Actual photographs of people doing their thing. I wonder if they are people who have lived on Brick Lane?

Brick Lane London Street Art

I do quite like the anarchist undertone that is the theme of many of the pieces. That and people trying to advertise gigs and gallery exhibitions.

Brick Lane Street Art
Brick Lane Street Art

Even the lampposts were not safe from a little sprucing up!

Street Art London Redchurch Street

The above street art is actually located on Redchurch Street, London. I was lucky enough to see it being created (or at least, that is what I assume they are doing).

Brick Lane Street Art

Last but not least is my favourite piece of street art on Bacon Street. There are actually two portrait pieces which flank a little shop. I think this piece in particular is really eye-catching, what do you think?

As an aside, can anyone spot the cat in this picture?

Where to eat on Brick Lane

Brick Lane is full of curry houses and they all serve a huge variety of curries at competitive prices. Usually you can haggle with them as they often stand on the street trying to entice you in. It’s certainly an experience and I’d recommend it if you love an authentic curry. Also synonymous with Brick Lane is the beigal, and be sure to visit either Beigal Bake or Beigal Shop for a salt beef beigal.

If you want something a bit different, get a good serving of fish and chips from Poppies on Hanbury Street, or if you want some bbq meat, try Smokestak on Sclater Street (they have great veggie options too).

How can I get to Brick Lane?

Brick Lane is relatively easy to access. You can get the underground to Aldgate East and walk down Whitechapel Road. If you want to access it from the northern part, you can get the Overground to Shoreditch High Street and make your way down Bethnal Green Road.

What do you think about Brick Lane London’s street art? Is there any part of your city that is adorned with it?


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