Dumped, Actually – Nick Spalding review

October 30, 2019

Dumped, Actually by Nick Spalding follows Ollie’s heartbreak after he is rather humuliatingly rejected by girlfriend Samantha.

The story starts with Ollie Sweet proposing to Samantha and her rejecting his proposal. It’s a rather humiliating rejection as it was in public. The way the rejection was told was absolutely hilarious to outsiders and it set the tone for the remainder of the book.

Of course, whenever you are dumped you go through a certain process. Nick Spalding describes that in this book and how Ollie Sweet enters the grieving process sand tries to get over his heartbreak. First refusing to accept the reality, despair when it sets in, accepting the heartbreak and undertaking more challenges.

Ollie is a writer and writes about his heartbreak in a column called Dumped, Actually. Initially it is suggested he does this to improve the readership of the already failing magazine. However, he is propelled onwards when it turns out Dumped, Actually is extremely popular with readers. Emails from readers are published throughout the book. They each recommend something Ollie should do to get over the heartbreak, or sharing their own experiences. Some of these Ollie actually tries out, and there is a hilarious account of his “manscaping” experiences.

Eventually, Ollie tackles his heartbreak head-on and confronts Samantha. This gives him more perspective, and allows the reader further insight into the break up too. Throughout the book you notice Ollie gradually focussing less on Samantha and more upon himself.

I’d recommend Dumped, Actually to anyone. It’s funny and an easy read. I think anyone who has been through a break up can relate to it in some way.

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