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Zoya Brigitte OPI Dulce De Leche Essie Watermelon

To me, pink and mauve nail polishes are a staple. They’re neutral enough to wear with most things without clashing, and I find they’re flattering on all skin tones. They can be worn all-year-long as well, whereas darker colours are reserved for autumn / winter.

Here are a few of the nail polish colours I use year-round. I think they’re flattering on pretty much any skin tone. So here are my nail polish suggestions for everyday wear:

Zoya – Brigitte

Zoya – Brigitte – 15ml £11.

This is the first polish I got from Zoya. It’s a gorgeous mauve that goes with everything. The formula is long lasting and creamy, meaning that it only takes a coat or two to achieve full coverage – perfect!

OPI – Dulce De Leche

OPI – Dulce de Leche – 15ml £13.50.

OPI is one of my favourite nail polish brands, and Dulce de Leche is one of my favourite nail polish colours. Dulce de Leche is a soft pink nude with a warm undertone. It complements my fair skin nicely but I honestly think it will suit all skin tones. Perect for understated elegance. The formula is long lasting but I find it takes more coats to achieve full coverage compared to say – Zoya Brigitte.

Essie – Watermelon

Essie – 13.5ml £7.99

I think I have had Essie’s Watermelon for the longest time, and for a while it was all I wore on my toes. It’s a bright blue-toned pink that packs a punch. This is probably one of my more out-there colours and it’s fabulous in the summer. Essie is so accessible here in the UK, go into any Boots store and there are rows upon rows of colourful polishes! This one is definitley more likely to clash with items in my wardrobe though!

What are your nail polish staples?


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