Spring / Summer Beauty Favourites #2

Following on from my first spring / summer beauty favourites post, here is the second (ha-dar, I can count).

I mentioned Bleach London’s Swamp Spritz in my past post. Here is Bumble&bumble’s Texture hair (un)dressing creme. It’s a bit pricy at £24 but if you’re looking for that effortlessly cool undone sort of look, this is it. And let’s be honest, who wants the perfectly polished look when you’re practically melting outside (not that it really gets that hot in the UK, but you get my drift).

It has a sticky consistency and honestly looks like a substance I would rather not name on here. But fortunately on the hair it is transparent. Just use sparingly, as it can make hair crunchy otherwise. I blogged about the Bumble and bumble Texture Creme in more depth, just so you know.

Obivously I opt for another bright lipstick. The L’Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks feel lightweight on the lips and have a bit of a sheen, which I think is always nice for summer as opposed to those heavy matte lipsticks that make you feel uncomfortably warm just looking at them.

Nail polish removers are a staple because you never know how often you will get the urge to change the colour of your toenails. The Bourjois nail polish remover is handy and I think smells kind of nice, sort of has a fruity after-smell, it is also really easy to use as you stick your finger in the spongy hole (har-har). I use the same one for my toenails and my fingernails. I’m not sure if that is kind of gross. Probably.


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