How My Birthday in Lockdown Taught Me to Be More Grateful

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On Sunday the 14th June I turned 31! It was a different experience to what I am used to. Usually I’d meet up with friends for dinner and drinks, but since we are social distancing and a lot of places are closed, that didn’t happen.

I find that usually life is so fast-paced. We are all flitting from one thing to the next without fully appreciating anything. I’m sure anyone who lives in a big city recognises this feeling.

Having my birthday in lockdown has allowed me to really appreciate the little things. On the Saturday I had a Zoom call with my best friend and her fiance. It was really nice to catch up sort of face-to-face, and we had a few drinks so it was like a virtual pub! Her fiance even made a little birthday quiz for me. I lost haha.

Sunday started really well. The sun was shining and I was up early , still buzzing from a four-hour long Zoom call with the bestie. My housemate was in and left some wine and chocolates on the dining table for me. I had poached eggs for breakfast and finally managed to cook them to perfection. I felt really good in the outfit that I was wearing and my make up went right for once. Another friend had arranged a (socially distanced) picnic and I had a few errands to run beforehand (mainly picking up a birthday cake and some pastries). I was out the door early with something to look forward to. My phone was also buzzing regularly with people wishing me happy birthday which was nice.

King's Stairs Gardens Bermondsey London

I met my friend Alice at midday for a picnic in one of my favourite spots in London. I mentioned it a little in my “The Best Spot to Watch the Sunset Over Tower Bridge” post, but King’s Stairs Gardens in Bermondsey is a little hidden gem in London. If you get a bit closer to the railings you can see Tower Bridge on your left, but the gardens themselves just look out over the Thames. It’s usually quite quiet and there are plenty of trees so you can always get some shade if it’s sunny. There’s a little hill which you can climb and once you get to the top you have the best view looking down over the Thames. We did exactly that and look at the view!

King's Stairs Gardens Bermondsey London

Alice went to great lengths with the picnic, bringing wine, homemade sandwiches and crisps. She even brought a picnic blanket and those paper plates. It was really thoughtful and touching as before she suggested it I was genuinely just going to have a beer in the garden! I really appreciated her making the effort to come and see me really, but the picnic was the icing on the (birthday) cake.

Honest – I as happier than I look in this photo!

I know now is a time of uncertainty for many people. It’s been so awful for so many, not being able to see relatives and job insecurity looming. I’m just trying to appreciate the little things when I can, how about you?

This is Alice, thank you to her for my little surprise picnic. Have you had a birthday in lockdown yet?


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