Real Techniques Skin Erase The Day Makeup Remover Pads Review

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Real Techniques Skin Erase The Day Makeup Remover Pads

In a bid to become more sustainable, I’m trying to cut out the use of cotton pads and wipes used during my make up removal / skincare routine. I mentioned in my Beauty Confessions post that I sometimes use make up wipes. Monika from Window to The beauty recommended make up remover pads and so here we are. I picked up some Makeup Remover Pads by Real Techniques a few weeks ago, and I’ve had a great time using them since. Here’s what I’ve found.

The Real Techniques Skin Erase The Day Makeup Remover Pads (what a mouthful) come in packs of two and cost between £7.99 in Superdrug and £9.99 on other outlets such as Look Fantastic.

To use, you simply saturate the cloth pad in warm water and then scrub your face in circular motions. They can effectively remove make up used with a cleanser or just water alone.

The two sides not only look different, but also have different functions:

Real Techniques Erase the day Makeup Remover Pad Duo

The light grey fluffier side helps to remove liquid and cream-based makeup products


The dark grey side works to remove oil and powder-based eye makeup products

I have used the pads with just water as I wanted to test how effective they were at removing make up. I’m happy to report that they tackled every scrap of make up on my face, right down to my Stila Eyeliner! When using a make up wipe, it often feels like you’re just smearing the make up around your face. However, the Real Techniques Makeup Remover Pads actually work. They’re also made out of a soft cloth material that’s really relaxing to use, and my face feels slightly exfoliated afterwards.

I was wondering whether it would be more sustainable to just use a flannel or a face cloth and if these sorts of pads tailored towards makeup removal are really necessary. Like, is it just a marketing ploy to get us to buy more, when existing clothes we have at home can be used in the same way? In the end though, I’m more encouraged to reach for them over face wipes, so for me I suppose they are.

Looking after your Real Techniques Makeup Remover Pads

According to the instructions, they should be hand-washed rather than put in the washing machine. I usually clean mine with fragrance free gentle soap and then leave them to try until the next evening. Their lifespan is between 1-3 months, depending on how often you use them and how much make up you wear I guess.

Real Techniques Reusable Makeup Pads – Concluding Thoughts

All in all, I think they’re a good purchase. They work really well and the material they’re made from made me feel like I’m having a spa day. I have seen more brands come out with these reusable make up pads though, and I’d like to try a few more. Maybe there will be some that come in larger quantities, or others I can stick in the washing machine instead of having to hand wash them.

What do you use to remove your make up? Have you ever tried reusable makeup pads from Real Techniques or any other brand?

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