This is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay review

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This is going to hurt Adam Kay

Finally, a non-fiction book review. This is Going to Hurt is written by Adam Kay, a junior doctor who works on the frontline of the NHS.

This documents his day-to-day life in the NHS. It does not shy away from detailing exactly what goes on, from the injuries people manage to inflict upon themselves to the decisions doctors have to make under extreme pressure after operating on only a few stolen hours of sleep.

The writing is deft and funny. It is never boring and the diary is paced well. It’s shocking and moving all rolled into one. It’s a book that makes you cry from laughter and from sadness as you understand how gruelling the job must be, and how they are often used as scapegoats by politicians in attempts to redirect criticism of lack of funding.

Some people found Adam’s writing a bit harsh, and found him to have some sort of superiority complex and thought he was looking down on patients that came in. I thought the writing had some sarcastic elements, and some parts were quite blase. However, if you are working everyday in life-or-death situations, I assume you do develop armour to protect yourself.

There are some political undertones to it, but it really helps you to realise how much people who work for the NHS sacrifice for their jobs; not just time but personal relationships and self-care. By the end you’ll be firmly in support of their plight.

Have you ever read This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay? What did you think of it?


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