Vinegar Yard London Bridge

Vinegar Yard London Bridge

These photos were also taken by Noe on the same Sunday we took photos around Maltby Street Market. Afterwards we wandered down to Vinegar Yard which is a massive outdoor space with lots of quirky stalls.

Vinegar Yard is on St Thomas Street and just across the road from London Bridge station. I love the bright exterior, it really contrasts with the grey sky and the buildings in the background.

At Vinegar Yard there is a vintage market which is held over the weekend, pop up food stalls and a massive garden with views of the Shard. There is also a bar which serves craft beers and in the summer people enjoy their food and drink in the garden. The vintage market is covered so I didn’t get rained on, as is part of the seating area.

Vinegar Yard London Bridge

Vinegar Yard is open daily from 12pm – 10:30 / 11pm and it’s a great place to spend a couple of hours after work or at the weekend. I think people who work in the area probably grab something for lunch from one of the pop up food stalls.

Vinegar Yard London Bridge

I even made friends with the resident cat!

Vinegar Yard London Bridge

Have you ever visited Vinegar Yard in London? Is there anything similar where you live?

Just a quick note. I wasn’t sure if I was going to mention it. RIP to the two victims of last Friday’s terror attack. My thoughts go out to all the others who were affected. I also hope those who were injured make a speedy recovery. I’ve been reading about the two victims who sadly died and they made the world a better place whilst they were in it. I also want to commend the bravery of the police and the public who apprehended the terrorist. My thanks also goes out to the emergency services.


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