Maltby Street Market London

Maltby Street Market London

Maltby Street Market in London is one of my absolute favourites. It opened in 2010 in the Bermondsey area (so local to me). It’s under the railway arches which really adds to the urban atmosphere, and it sells all kinds of food to line your stomach with before moving on to the Beer Mile!

Maltby Street Market - Ropewalk London

Maltby Street Market is on Ropewalk and the nearest underground stations are either London Bridge or Bermondsey.

I went on a rather rainy Sunday morning (typical for London). But it didn’t dampen my spirits. Maltby Street Market is the place to go if you are into your food. It’s a foodie paradise. I wanted more pictures of myself for my blog so I asked Noe to take them. I’m so self conscious in front of the camera but she’s lovely and made me feel comfortable. She also took the photos of all the food in this post. The food was absolutely delicious and I think you’ll agree, she did a great job of capturing that.

Anyway, more on Maltby Street Market, London. Maltby Street is lined with food stalls, and there are also some wine bars and restaurants onsite for those wanting to shelter from the rain.

Bad Brownie Maltby Street Market London

I so recommend trying some brownies from Bad Brownie if you can. I adore their peanut butter brownie!

Maltby Street Market London

The dessert in the top picture looks like eggs in an egg box, with scoops of jam and icing smothered on the top right? Surprise! It’s actually a waffle with handmade sauces.

Maltby Street Market London

The market stall trader let me try a sample, so I willingly obliged! I had the salted caramel sauce and it was really tasty.

Maltby Street Market London
Waffles Maltby Street Market London

Maltby Street Market does not just sell desserts for those with a sweet tooth though. You can find all sorts of foods here, from scotch eggs to hot dogs.

Hot Dog Maltby Street Market London
Maltby Street Market London

There’s even a fruit stall for those wanting to pick up some healthy snacks…

Apple Maltby Street Market London
Maltby Street Market London

As it is right by the Bermondsey Beer Mile (I’ll sure do a post on that at some point), some of the local breweries actually sell their beer at Maltby Street Market. Here’s a few bottles and cans from Brew By Numbers.

Brew By Numbers Maltby Street Market
Maltby Street Market Ropewalk London

Getting to Maltby Street Market – Ropewalk, London

As I said before, the nearest underground stations to Maltby Street Market – Ropewalk, London is either London Bridge or Bermondsey.

Maltby Street Market Opening Times

Maltby Street Market is open from 12pm – 2:30pm Friday, 10am – 5pm on Saturday and 11am – 4pm on Sunday. It’s best for foodies, those looking to grab something to eat before or after the beer mile, or those looking to meet up with friends for a lunchtime glass of wine.

Maltby Street Market London

Don’t mind me. Just gazing lovingly at the railway arches. I mean, I’ll definitely come again. Do you have any markets like this where you live?

As mentioned, my photographs were shot by the very talented Noe Solange, you can see more of her work here.


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