A quiet little spot in Shoreditch London

Calvert Avenue London

Here is my secret little spot to relax in Shoreditch.

I work in the City of London by Shoreditch and during the day it is usually absolutely heaving with City workers and tourists, especially when I go out on my lunch break.

I don’t know about you, but during my lunch I like a little me time. Whether that is to sit with a book in a park or wander around somewhere tranquil. I work in an office with other people and sometimes I like to zone out and be by myself for a bit.

In the City of London it is hard to do that. There are some green spaces but at lunch they are usually packed with people of the same mindset. I found a place though that is tucked away and is usually quite quiet. I’ll let you into my little secret.

Arnold Circus London

Arnold Circus and Boundary Gardens are just off Shoreditch High Street. They’re safely tucked away in a mainly residential area of Shoreditch. Arnold Circus circles Boundary Gardens, and usually there are just one or two people around. I love the red brick buildings that border the gardens, they’re so regal and remind me a little bit of west London.

Boundary Gardens London

There are some cute stairs leading up to Boundary Gardens and at the top sits a little bandstand.

Calvert Avenue Arnold Circus Shoreditch London

If you face away from Boundary Gardens towards Shoreditch High Street, you get a good look onto the road that connects them – Calvert Avenue. This is another reasonably quiet little road that is filled with many different shops ranging from vegan cafes to bakeries to little antique shops and boutique clothing outlets. It’s really interesting and I’d recommend it for locals and visitors alike.

Calvert Avenue Essential Vegan Shoreditch London

Another picture of Calvert Avenue in London, this time facing towards Boundary Gardens. As you can see, there are little independent cafes which offer street seating – perfect on sunny days.

Calvert Avenue Oliver Spencer Shoreditch London

I feel like when people reference Shoreditch, no one recognises Calvert Avenue or Boundary Gardens. It’s mainyl the street art, Box Park and nearby Brick Lane market. It’s such as shame because they are so tranquil and full of quirky shops. I would definitely recommend if you have an hour to spare in the area. To get here you can get the Overground to Shoreditch High Street, and it is just a short walk up Shoreditch High Street.

Where are your little known tranquil corners of London?


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