Bermondsey, London in Isolation

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Bermondsey London

Hello again, speaking from social isolation. It’s been so odd, hasn’t it? Being restricted to going out only for exercise and to shop for necessities. I mean, it is a necessity that we all have to isolate, but it is very different.

How are you coping with staying in isolation and working from home? I take advantage of being allowed out for exercise. I’ve been running or walking around London with my camera, and in the evenings I take advantage of having a garden by reading in it. I might even take up gardening but who knows! I find having a routine helps somewhat.

Here are just a few photos I snapped of Bermondsey on my walk on Saturday. It’s usually busy and bustling so walking around when there are just a few other people around takes some getting used to.

St James of Bermondsey

The above for example is the St James of Bermondsey. They sell drinks at reasonable prices (for London), and it’s pretty cosy inside. Just a few weeks beforehand I took my best friend there on her birthday, the rugby was on and everyone was jovial. Now it’s closed and completely empty inside.

Bermondsey London

What I love about Bermondsey and the bit of London just south of the river is that it is characterised by the railway arches. Some are decorated in graffiti and others house breweries and bakeries. They really add something to the atmosphere, don’t they? On my walk the shops were closed and quiet though, and the only sound came from the occasional rumble of a train overhead.

Bermondsey London
Bermondsey London
Bermondsey London

Wandering around without the hustle and bustle allowed me to appreciate the little details I might not have noticed before. I love that the borough is a mix of warehouse style buildings and little cottages with brightly coloured doors.

Morocco Street London

Morocco Street is just off Bermondsey Street and there’s a cute little shop that sells craft beer from the beer mile on the left. It’s usually so busy, especially on a Saturday. As you can see, everyone was indoors this weekend!

Ropewalk Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market is usually so busy this time on a Saturday afternoon, but it is closed for the foreseeable future. I hope the market traders will be able to get support from the government to tide them over until the market is able to reopen.

How are you coping with isolation?


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