Broadway Market, London

Broadway Market London

Broadway Market is one of my favourite markets in London. It’s an East London Victorian street market that runs from London Fields to Regent’s Canal. The market is not massive but it’s pretty popular. It’s only open on a Saturday.

Broadway Market

Although it’s not huge, there is so much variety in what you can buy. From hats to baklava to vintage shirts. Broadway Market has it all. There are also some shops and cafes that line the street in case you wanted to rest your feet for a while or pick up a book.

Broadway Market London Fruit and Veg Stall

One of my favourite things about Broadway Market, London is that it feels so genuine. I find a lot of markets now as they have grown in popularity seem quite commercial. In Broadway Market you still get the mix of the traditional East Ender and a few hipsters searching for their vintage wares.

Broadway Market London Street Performer

You even get the odd street performer which adds a bit of magic to the market. I find the bigger markets such as Borough or Spitalfields rarely have this sort of thing, or if they do it’s an organised event. You see lots of street performers / buskers at Columbia Road Flower Market and Broadway Market.

Broadway Market Vintage Rail

Broadway Market is perfect if you’re considering buying some vintage pieces. These shirts were just £5! I find Broadway Market to be one of the most reasonably priced markets in London.

Getting to Broadway Market, London

Getting to Broadway Market is a bit tricky as there are no underground stations that are nearby. Your best bet is to get the Overground train from Liverpool Street to London Fields, and then walk over London Fields. Bus numbers 236 and 394 also stop nearby.

Have you ever been to Broadway Market in London?

Broadway Market Freshly Pressed Juice

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