Spring / Summer Beauty Favourites #1

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When spring and summer roll around the brights come out.

I stash away my plum and vampy red lipsticks and out come the poppy reds .

I also wear more nail polish, because you can’t be wearing sandals with bare toes.

OPI is an obvious favourite as it tends to last. I run a lot (now) and I find my trainers rub off whatever I have on my toes. But OPI seems to weather it a bit more.

This particular shade of polish is Hot&Spicy. A nice coral that has enough pink in it to actually complement my fair skin tone, and the orange seems soft rather than harsh and bright. Above is a rather old picture of how it looks. I think it is the perfect colour to be honest.

Bleach London’s Swamp Spritz gives some perfect beachy curls, the epitome of summer hair. At £6 it hardly breaks the bank too. Means you can save some dollar for beers in a sunny beer garden. And you can don your beachy ‘do whilst you’re out. Perfect. I posted a more in depth review of the Swamp Spritz earlier.


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