Portobello Road Market London

Portobello Road Market

Ah, the infamous Portobello Road market. A jewel in west London. Come here if you’re into your antique wares.

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road market is seems to be made up of several markets occupying neighbouring spaces. The main market to me starts on Portobello Road and meanders down. The road is lined with pretty houses with pastel exteriors, cafes and pubs. There are also other sections with lots of stalls that span from Westbourne Grove under the Westway to Ladbroke Grove. It’s a truly massive market.

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road market sells a range of goods. From fashion to antiques. To the south near the Notting Hill Gate entrance you have the antiques section, and as you walk through you have the fashion and accessories stalls, food stalls and bric-a-brac until you get to Golborne Road.

Portobello Road market

People say that you should go to Portobello Road market to seek out a bargain. To me, everything seems quite expensive there. I’ve never bought much though so I’m not sure on the quality. The whole vibe of the market to me is rich grandma’s wardrobe meets car boot sale.

Portobello Road Market

Although Portobello Road market is open six days a week (Monday – Saturday), the most popular and main day is a Saturday. It’s usually heaving in the late mornings and early afternoons and quietens down as the day goes on. So it depends whether you like crowds or not. Go on a Saturday morning for a bustling atmosphere, or go on a weekday or late Saturday afternoon for a more relaxed vibe. Sunday will be dead though. Different days have slightly different themes too, so it depends on what you’re hunting for.

Portobello Road Market

How to get to Portobello Road market

To get to Portobello Road market you can either get the tube to Ladbroke Grove or Notting Hill Gate, and it’s a five and 10 minute walk respectively to the market.

Have you ever been to Portobello Road market before?

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