Regent’s Canal and Victoria Park London

Regent's Canal

Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m a walker. I mean, I don’t get out my waterproof trousers and hike 40 miles every weekend, but I am happy doing a ten-miler in London on a Saturday afternoon as long as it is not raining.

Yesterday I met up with a friend at Broadway Market in London (click the link to see my post on that), and we walked down Regent’s Canal towards Victoria Park. Before walking on to Shoreditch and getting pizza at Pizza East…but of course.

There’s a lovely little towpath that runs alongside the canal and is perfect for leisurely walks. We walked down to the towpath from Broadway Market and followed the canal until we got to Victoria Park. You get people cycling down the towpath too so just watch out for them. There’s no barrier between the river and the path and I always wonder how they manage not to fall in!

Regent's Canal Towpath

You even see the odd cat pattering around the top of the boats!

I think Victoria Park is my favourite park in London. I wish I lived closer so I could go more often, as I live in Bermondsey and the park is all the way across the river in Tower Hamlets. I guess I could walk it though one weekend. Or cycle! There are always people just sitting down on the grass reading or on a rare sunny day they are sunbathing. It’s so relaxed and you can even hire boats to go out onto the water with.

Victoria Park London

We had a coffee and a bagel from the Pavillion Cafe (just in shot behind the statue), and sat by the water. Then we headed off to Shoreditch to take in the street art and inhale pizza.

This is actually Hertford Union Canal, but it really sums up the area. A bit of green, water and some industrial warehouse style buildings. Honestly, this part of east London is my absolute favourite.

Have you ever walked along the Regent’s Canal Towpath or visited Victoria Park?


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